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Betting tips for goal scorer in the World Cup

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The World Cup is a highlight for any fans of football. In fact, it is such an exciting tournament that even those who care little for the sport find themselves drawn into the action. Each game is watched by millions of people across the world and every edition of the tournament is full of historic sporting moments. Here at the ZetBet Sportsbook, you will find a huge number of resources to help you prepare for the World Cup. Take advantage of the information below about the most popular sports bets and with a little luck become a "goal" scorer yourself! 

Match Result

This is a bet on how a single game will end. There will be a bet for either of the teams to win, or for the game to end in a tie. In the knockout rounds, this bet only applies for the result after full time. There may be a complimentary bet available where punters can bet on which team will advance, in which they can bet on a team to win in full time, extra time, or even if they win by a penalty shootout.


Handicaps are bets where extra goals can be given to a team to improve their chances of winning, or goals can be taken away from a team, in which case they will have to win the game by a margin greater than the handicap. By using handicaps that add goals, the risk will be decreased but the odds will be shorter. Conversely, using handicaps that take away goals will make the bet more risky, but also increase the odds.

Goal Totals

These are bets on how many goals will be scored between both teams in a game. Punters can bet on a range of goals by picking a betting line and placing money on whether the game will finish with over that number of goals or under.

Game Props

There may be more bets available allowing punters to bet on the exact score in a game, whether a player will score, which team will score first, and many more.

Live Bets

Live bets are available during matches, and here all of the main bets will be found, as well as some pertaining to what will happen next in a game. These can include bets such as which team will score next, will the next goal come from open play, and more.