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ZetBet Loyalty Program – Rewarding Our Players

All members of ZetBet can take advantage of our loyalty program, which will ensure that the rewards and bonuses keep on coming.

There are many special bonus offers and gifts that are now included in our Loyalty Program for all our players. Below details some important information regarding these new benefits.

•All Loyalty Welcome Package benefits come into effect the day after the upgrade takes place.

•Platinum, Premium & Prestige Welcome Package bonuses are offered over a 3-day period.

•The Sunday bonus is only issued when a deposit has been made in the previous 14 days.

•Sunday bonuses are credited to a players account upon login- no deposit required!

•You are only eligible for 1 bonus a day. Therefore, if you are upgraded over the weekend, the Welcome Package bonus takes priority over any other offer, including our weekly Sunday promotion. 

•The Monthly cash back bonus is based on house winnings on all games for one full calendar month.

•The cash back bonus will be issued at 12 GMT on the 3rd Monday of every month, covering 5% of the previous month's full calendar losses.

•The Monday cash back bonus is only issued when deposits have been made in the current month. Contact your Personal Account Manager for more details.

Want to know more about our Loyalty Program? Read on for details on how our Reward Points can be redeemed, and how to use them.

• Most games earn you 1 Reward Point for every € 40 wagered in Real Money mode. For full details, see our Bonus Policy page where terms and conditions apply.

• You can improve your Loyalty Level by collecting Reward Points. As your loyalty with us grows, so does your loyalty level! However, our Premium and Prestige levels are by invitation only.

• Each Loyalty level has a unique Redemption Rate, detailing how many points you must accumulate before you can exchange them for bonus cash. Example: Bronze, requires 30 points to redeem €1, whereas Prestige, requires only 15 points.

• You can check out your status by logging in, selecting "My Account" from the menu and clicking on "My Rewards".

•Zetbet reserves the right to modify the contents and any mechanism of the Loyalty Program at any time - with 2 weeks’ notice provided to players.

•Zetbet reserves the right to cancel the Loyalty Program at any time - with two (2) weeks’ notice provided to players.

•Zetbet reserves the right to suspend the earning and/or redemption of Reward Points at any time without prior notice to players.

•Any breach by players of general Zetbet Terms and Conditions may result in the forfeiture of a Loyalty Level and/or any Reward Points accumulated and may result in account closure.

•Any suspicion of misuse of the Loyalty Program may result in the forfeiture of a Loyalty Level and/or Reward Points accumulated and may result in account closure.

•Zetbet will endeavour to maintain current Reward Point and Reward Level updates whenever possible; however, Zetbet cannot be held responsible for any loss of Reward Points or update delays due to data transmission issues.

•The Zetbet general Terms and Conditions also apply to the Loyalty Program.

•Zetbet’s decisions regarding the Loyalty Program will be final and not subject to appeal.

•Any Reward Points that were not redeemed within a 3-month period will expire from your Points Balance.

•If a player chooses to close their Zetbet account (or has their account closed by Zetbet, they will forfeit their Loyalty Level and lose all Reward Points associated with that account.

•This program is only valid for players from a limited number of jurisdictions.

•The Sunday bonus will only be credited to a players account where the player's email address has been verified.

A player can request to leave the loyalty program at any time, in this case all accumulated points will be removed.

If you have any questions about the Loyalty Program, please email us at [email protected]