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Welcome to the ZetBet sportsbook! Here you will find everything you could possibly need for a rewarding and enjoyable sports betting experience. We offer betting markets on a vast range of sports ensuring that you will always be able to place the bets that you want to.

Amongst the many sports that you can bet on are football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, American Football, F1, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, greyhound racing, ice hockey, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, and MMA. You can even bet on obscure sports such as Aussie rules and floorball. Beyond sports, you can place bets on political events and entertainment, and we also bring you betting markets on a number of e-sports, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.

We work hard to cover as many professional sporting events as possible. This means that we cover leagues and tournaments taking place right around the globe. Whether you want to bet on Premier League football, Ukrainian table tennis, Italian water polo, world cup or anything else, it is more than likely that we have it covered.

Furthermore, we make sure to bring you as many different betting markets as possible. You can of course place straightforward bets such as on a team to win a match but you will find that our markets cover every aspect of a sport. There are both pre-event markets and live betting markets, which means that there are countless betting opportunities. By fully utilising all that we have to offer, you are able to build advanced betting strategies that give you more chances to win than ever before.

Don’t forget to take a look at our sports betting promotions. There is always something on offer such as free bets, tournaments and betting boosts, giving you the chance to get even better value for money when placing bets.  

Welcome to the ZetBet sportsbook!

Serve a Big Win Betting on Tennis

Tennis fans have an amazing number of markets to take advantage of. When betting on a match you will find that you can bet on the individual sets, the exact score, and even the individual games. You will also find a number of special bets, such as on the number of tiebreaks in a match, the number of games in a set, the number of aces served, and so on. We cover all of the major tennis tours as well as a number of lesser-known ones, ensuring that you can bet on every single tournament and game throughout the season.

Serve a Big Win Betting on Tennis

Think Fast with Live Betting

Live betting allows you to bet on a sporting event as it is taking place. The odds and markets are updated in real time as the event unfolds and by keeping a careful eye on the action and odds, you may be able to spot some fantastic opportunities. The exact markets will of course depend on the sport being played. However, live betting is made truly exciting with the ‘next to’ markets, which allow you to bet on the next thing to happen, such as the next player to score. It takes just seconds to place your bets so with a bit of quick thinking, the winnings could be enormous.

Live Betting

Find the Net Betting on Basketball

While the NBA may be the most famous basketball league, there are actually numerous professional leagues and tournaments taking place throughout the world and here you can bet on all of them. Basketball is a fantastic sport to bet on as it offers so many opportunities. You will quickly realise that there is a vast range of markets for every game. For example, in addition to betting on a team to win a game, you could also make use of spread betting, bet on the individual quarters or halves, and place proposition bets, such as on the total points, rebounds or assist a specific player manages in a game.

Betting on Basketball

Hit a Hole in One Betting on Golf

Golf is sport that is played around the world and it is followed by millions of people. It is an interesting sport to bet on due to the slow pace of the game, which gives bettors plenty of time to analyse the situation and carefully plan their bets. There are numerous markets to make use of. For example, you can bet on players to win specific rounds, players to finish in one of the top positions, proposition bets such as whether there will be a hole in one, and far more. You can also bet on player match ups, which gives you an interesting way to back your favourites.

Betting on Golf

Skate to Winnings Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast paced and truly competitive sport that provides numerous betting opportunities. When exploring the markets for a game you will see that you can bet on the individual periods as well as the game as a whole. You can bet on goal scorers, fouls and penalties, you can back individual players to score, you can bet on which team will be the first to score, and much more. We cover all of the major ice hockey leagues, such as the NHL and those in countries such as Russia, Sweden, Finland and more, so that you have plenty of opportunities to place bets.

Betting on Ice Hockey

Finish in the Money Betting on Horse Racing

Horse races have been taking place for thousands of year and they remain just as thrilling as ever before. There are races taking place on an almost daily basis at tracks around the world and we bring you betting markets on nearly all of them. We offer all of the standard markets, such as Win, Place, Each-Way, Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and Superfecta, so that you can develop your betting strategy and back the horses in the exact way that you wish. We offer extremely competitive odds so that even when you’re backing the favourite, you have the chance to land some huge winnings.

Money Betting on Horse Racing


If you want to bet on football then we have everything you could possibly need. We offer markets on leagues all around the world from the most famous to the most obscure. Very often there are hundreds of betting markets available for every single football match. In addition to betting on the winner, you can bet on the score, handicap betting, the individual halves, penalties, and far more.  You can also bet on the league as a whole rather than the individual matches and we of course cover all the major tournaments throughout the year.  

Bet on football

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Betting tips for goal scorer in the World Cup

The World Cup is a highlight for any fans of football. In fact, it is such an exciting tournament that even those who care little for the sport find themselves drawn into the action. Each game is watched by millions of people across the world and every edition of the tournament is full of historic sporting moments. Here at the ZetBet Sportsbook, you will find a huge number of resources to help you prepare for the World Cup. We will bring you previews of all the different teams, the groups, the players, the games and so on. Of course, the World Cup is also a major betting event for football fans. There are numerous markets to take advantage of including outright markets on the tournament as a whole, as well as pre-event and live betting markets for each and every game. Here you will also find all the information you need to make the most of all of these betting markets. In the weeks leading up to the World Cup and during the tournament itself, we will be publishing new articles on the ZetBet blog; check back often so that you never miss out. 

Bet on football

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