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Welcome to the sportsbook at ZetBet! Here you will find a variety of sports and leagues to bet on cover loads of betting markets available on everything from American Football to winter sports. At ZetBet, you can instantly bet on loads of sports. The list includes many popular games such as football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, American Football, F1, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, golf, greyhound racing, ice hockey, snooker and MMA. In addition, we also take on wagers for lesser-known sports, such as Aussie Rules, floorball, rugby union and rugby league. You can even find markets on political events and entertainment such as the next Oscar winner! Lastly, ZetBet Sportsbook accepts wagers on e-sports, including the popular titles Dota 2 and Counterstrike. 

Covering a variety of sports is vital, but it is just as important that we cover numerous leagues and events within each sport. Unlike other betting sites, you can place wagers on even the most obscure leagues in the world. In addition to betting on English Premier League football, you can bet on the Indian Football Super League. Likewise, not only can you bet on the American NFL, but you can also place your bets on the American NCAA for college athletes. Ultimately, we go to great lengths to cover as many betting markets as possible.

Beyond placing wagers on a variety of sports and leagues, we also try and provide as many betting options as possible. Rather than only placing a bet on who is going to win a match, we offer many more detailed bets. Who is going to score, which players will be booked and how many points a team will obtain are all examples of this.

You may also take advantage of the live betting markets that we provide. If you are following a sports event, you will be able to bet whilst the action is happening. The odds are updated by the second to reflect how the match is going.

Lastly, our regular customers at ZetBet Sportsbook can make the most of our frequent promotions. These may include free bets, tournaments, betting boosts and so on. The more often you bet, the more likely you are to receive such offers.

The Grand Slam Tennis Bets

Our betting markets for tennis are supreme. In addition to betting on the major grand slam tournaments, you can also bet on all the other tournaments on the tour. When betting on tennis, you can wager on a variety of things, not only on the winner of a match. You can bet on the number of sets a game will last, the winner of a specific game, the number of tie-breaks and even the number of aces. We offer many tennis bets, but of course, you can simply bet on an outright winner if you please.

Tennis Bets Zetbet Canada

Take Advantage of Live Betting

At ZetBet Sportsbook, we give you the option of betting on a live event as it is underway. For live betting, the odds and market are updated every second to reflect the action as it unfolds on the pitch. If you are closely following a sporting event, you can take advantage of the live betting options by betting on what you think will happen next. This gives you the advantage as you will be able to see how well the teams or players are doing.

 Live Betting Zetbet Canada

Basketball Betting at its Finest

Our list of basketball games is not solely based on the NBA. Whilst the NBA is the most popular league, we cover alternatives from around the world. You can bet on a variety of basketball leagues and tournaments, and the range of markets goes far beyond outright winners. For instance, not only can you bet on the winning team, but also the points tally, per team or per player, for the game or even just for a quarter, allowing you to be truly creative with your bets.

Basketball Betting Zetbet Canada

Betting on a Golf Birdie

You may be intrigued by our golf betting markets as they offer a variety of competitions. The slow paced nature of the game gives you the perfect amount of time to carefully and strategically place your wagers, even live bets! Our golf bets include the likes of outright winners, players to finish in top positions, hole in one bets and much more. In addition, you can also bet on winners of specific rounds and player match ups, which put two players head to head and sees who comes out on top.

Betting on a Golf at zetbet Canada

The Rapid Ice Hockey Bets

On the flip side of slow-paced golf is the fast-paced world of Ice Hockey. The competitive sport is best known for the NHL. However, at ZetBet Sportsbook, we cover a variety of leagues including ice hockey in Russia, Sweden, Finland and more, giving you a huge amount to bet on. Furthermore, your bets do not only have to be on winners or a specific match or outright winners. Much like with the other sports, you can bet on which team will score first, individual players to score, goal scorers, fouls and even penalties.

Lightning Payouts for Horse Racing Bets

To complement the accelerated speed at which ZetBet operates, we offer a variety of horse racing betting markets. With racing events taking place on a daily basis, you can find many betting markets from around the world. Not only do we provide the basis for you to bet on an outright winner, but we also take on a number of more specific wagers. Those included are Win, Place, Each-Way, Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and Superfecta bets.

Ice Hockey Bets at Zetbet Canada

A Variety of Football Bets

One of the biggest sports we cover is football. It is the most popular sport in the world and so we offer a huge variety of bets here. In addition to betting on a number of leagues, you can also place many wagers on a single game. That includes the winner, who will score first, handicap betting and so on. On top of betting on major tournaments, we also have options for betting on outright winners.

football bets

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