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World Cup Group E Teams and Betting Options

The World Cup is finally coming around again after more than four years of waiting. Football fans had to wait a little bit longer than usual, as the competition was rescheduled to be played in November through December. This is because the weather in the host nation would simply be too hot during the summer months. Qatar, who are the first Arab country to host the World Cup, developed new modern stadiums to host the legendary event.

This World Cup will be slightly shorter than the other editions of the World Cup as well. The competition will begin on November 21 and run through until December 18, when the final will be held.

Group E will feature two World Cup winning teams in Spain and Germany, as well as Costa Rica and Japan.

World Cup 2022 Group E Team Previews


The Spanish football team was a dominant force during the 2000s up until the early 2010s. They won their first and only World Cup in 2010, and won two European Championships in 2008 and 2012. Before their World Cup success, the furthest the team had ever reached in the competition was a fourth place finish in 1950. In 2010, Spain were grouped with Japan, Cameroon and Denmark, all of whom they beat to finish as group leaders. They then faced Slovakia in the round of the last 16 and beat them 2-1. Spain went on to beat Brazil and then Uruguay in the quarterfinals and semi-finals. They met the Netherlands in the finals, a team that had reached the finals on two occasions before but had yet to win it. What followed was an extremely tense 90 minutes in which no team could break the stalemate. After the first period of extra time and the game was 5 minutes away from a penalty shootout, Spain suddenly had a break. The Dutch team had little time to react and then when the final whistle was blown, the Spanish team erupted into celebrations of victory.

Since then, the team has all retired or aged and Spain could never replicate that golden generation. In the 2018 World Cup, they were drawn with Portugal, Iran and Morocco. Spain topped the group but in the first round of the knockout stage, the hosts, Russia, knocked them out.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica have qualified for 5 World Cups before the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Their greatest run in the competition came in 2014, when they reached the quarterfinals. In one of the toughest groups in the competition, Costa Rica were drawn with Uruguay, Italy and England. Costa Rica pulled off one of the greatest upsets of the competition, beating Italy and Uruguay, and drawing with England to finish at the top of the group. Uruguay finished in second and Italy and England were both sent home. Costa Rica then faced Greece in the round of the last 16, whom they beat in a penalty shootout. They advanced to the quarterfinals but were beaten there by the Netherlands, after a game that was determined by a penalty shootout which went in favour of the Dutch. In the 2018 World Cup, after their greatest run, they had an extremely disappointing competition. They were placed in a group with Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia, drew one of their games and lost the two others, finishing at the bottom of the table.


Germany have won 4 World Cup titles, tying with Italy for the most successful European nation in the World Cup. They first won the competition in 1954, when football was still played at an amateur level in West Germany. They hosted the competition in 1974, when they won their second title. In 1990, they won their third title and in 2014, they won their fourth. In 2014, Germany faced Portugal, Ghana and the United States in their group. They beat both Portugal and the US, and drew with Ghana to finish top of the group. They then beat Algeria, France and Brazil on their way to the finals. Brazil, who were the host country, received a thrashing from the German team. They conceded 7 goals and only managed to score 1. Germany then proceeded to the finals where they would play Argentina. This was the third time that the two teams had met in the finals, with both teams beating the other once. The match finished goalless after regular time and went to extra time. In the following World Cup, Germany made a surprise exit in the group stage. They lost their first match against Mexico, but then beat Sweden in their second match. Needing only a win against South Korea to advance, the German team were left shocked when South Korea held them to a draw for 90 minutes. Then in the 92 and 96th minute, South Korea scored two quick goals and effectively knocked Germany out of the competition.


Japan has qualified for six World Cups before the current one. Interestingly, they have finished in either the Group stage or reached the round of the last 16 both 3 times, alternating with each tournament. Unfortunately for Japan, if the cycle of alternation continues then it should see them crash out in the group stage. In the 2018 competition, Japan was drawn with Colombia, Senegal and Poland. They won their match against Colombia and then drew against Senegal and lost to Poland, but they had enough points to climb through to the knockout stage. There they played against Belgium who were the heavy favourites to win. Japan looked set to cause a major upset when they went 2-0 up in the beginning of the second half, but Belgium reacted in time, scoring 3 goals before the end of the match to knock Japan out. In 2019, Japan finished runners in the AFC Asian Cup, so they will try to build on that momentum in the 2022 World Cup.

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