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US Open News – Where Legends are Born

The US Open takes place in June each year and it attracts the biggest names in golf. From humble beginnings back in 1895, today the tournament winner takes home millions of dollars and secures their place in golfing history. Each edition of the US Open takes place at a different golf course, ensuring that no two editions of the tournament are quite alike.

The way that the tournament changes location also means that those who wish to bet on it need make sure that they are fully informed about the course and the players. Here at the ZetBet blog we are able to help you do just that. You will find articles covering every aspect of the tournament, from its history to course guides to golfer profiles. This way, you can ensure that you are fully informed at all times.

We update our blog on a very regular basis and whether you are a complete newcomer to golf or have been following the sport for years, we are sure that you will find plenty of interest. Take the time to look through our articles and come back often, we promise you won’t be disappointed.