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Swing Your Way into Golf News

From humble origins, golf has developed into a sport with passionate players and followers around the world. Today, there are numerous tournaments that form part of major tours, such as the PGA Tour, that attract thousands of fans, both to watch the action and bet on their favourite players.

If you are a golf fan looking for information about players, events, or golf betting, then we have everything that you could possibly need. Here you can find previews of upcoming golf tournaments, the latest player updates, and guides to help you plan your golf bets. Whether you are a newcomer looking to learn about the basic types of bets that can be placed on golf or an experienced bettor seeking to improve their golf betting strategy, we have it covered.

The majority of golf tournaments form part of the PGA Tour and the European Tour. In addition there are the golf majors, The Masters, the US PGA Championship, the US Open and The Open. There are also major tournaments such as the Ryder Cup. No matter which of these you are interested in, we are sure that you will find plenty of relevant articles. For example, ahead of the US Open we may publish a preview detailing the favourites, their recent form, and what you should be looking out for when placing your bets.

In other words, whether you need help understanding golf betting or are simply looking for background information to help you plan bets, then you are in the right place. We regularly publish new articles so be sure to check back often to make sure that you are always up to date and never miss out.