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Brazil is top of the world rankings and one of the favourites going into the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Here we will take a look at the team and their odds of lifting the trophy in December.

How Has Brazil Performed in Previous World Cups?

Brazil has played in every single edition of the World Cup and they have won the title five times. In 1938, Brazil won their first World Cup medals, finishing in third place. The following World Cup was held in 1950, and Brazil hosted the event. They reached the finals but were beaten by Uruguay 2-1, to finish in second place. Eight years later, in 1958, Brazil won their first World Cup title.

The country had to wait 16 years before a similar golden generation was formed. In 2006 and 2010, Brazil made the quarterfinals but were knocked out by France and the Netherlands. In 2014, Brazil hosted the World Cup for the second time, and they were expected to win the competition. They reached the semi-finals, where they would play Germany, but in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the competition, Brazil were knocked out 7-1. It was an extremely humiliating defeat for the team and they went on to lose the third place playoff game to the Netherlands. In 2018, Brazil reached the quarterfinals once again, but they were knocked out by Belgium.

Brazil’s Qualification Route to the World Cup

Brazil topped the CONMEBOL group to qualify for the World Cup. The team did not lose a single match in their 17 qualification games, winning 14 games and drawing 3. Their final game, which will be played against Argentina, was delayed to the 21st of September, but as both teams finished at the top of the group, many points in front of the third place, the game will not have any impact on either team's qualification.

Brazil really dominated the qualification group, scoring a total of 40 goals across 17 games and only conceding 5. To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent of scoring 2.35 goals per match and only conceding 1 goal every third match.

Brazil’s Ranking– The World’s Top Team

When the qualifiers started, Brazil was the highest ranking South American team, sitting in 3rd place in the World Rankings. After finished as runners-up in the 2021 Copa America and an impressive qualifiers campaign, they moved up the rankings and currently sit in 1st place.

How to Bet on Brazil at the World Cup?

There are many different types of player bets that you can place on the 2022 World Cup. You can bet on who will win the golden boot, or who will be given the best young player award, the best player award, and the golden glove. These are some outright bets that will be made available before the World Cup begins, so you can place your bets early.

Other World Cup Bets on Brazil

There are many types of bets that you will be able to make on the World Cup. You can bet on Brazil as a team to win the group stage or qualify for the knockout stage for example. If you think Brazil will reach further, you can bet on them to reach the quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals or even on the team to win the World Cup outright.

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