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A Complete Guide to Betting on the 2024 Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship, for many the most prestigious rugby union competition, returns for its 130th season this month. Featuring rugby powerhouses England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, this tournament is a cornerstone of the sport's history and tradition. As the teams gear up for another round of thrilling matches, the excitement among fans and enthusiasts is reaching new heights.

Here at ZetBet, we are offering an extensive range of markets coupled with competitive odds, ensuring that our customers have the best possible betting experience as they enjoy the tournament. Whether you're a seasoned rugby follower or new to the excitement of the Six Nations, ZetBet is the one stop destination for all your betting needs during this much-lovel event.

2024 Six Nations Teams and Players

As we approach the 2024 Six Nations Championship, the squads for England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales have been carefully assembled with each carrying the hopes of their nation into this prestigious tournament.

England, under the leadership of Jamie George as captain, are on a quest for their eighth title. Their squad, a mix of experienced forwards like Dan Cole, Maro Itoje, and promising backs such as Marcus Smith, is set to open the tournament against Italy at Stadio Olimpico. The team’s focus will be on rebounding from their Rugby World Cup disappointment and reclaiming their dominance in European rugby.

France, captained by Gregory Alldritt, boasts a blend of raw power in the forwards with Cyril Baille and skilful backs like Antoine Dupont. The French team is known for their flair and unpredictability on the field, making them one of the most exciting teams to watch. Their campaign starts against the reigning champions, Ireland, in what promises to be a thrilling encounter in Marseille.

Ireland, led by Peter O'Mahony, enters as the defending champions. Their squad, including stalwarts like Tadhg Furlong and exciting talents such as James Lowe, is well-rounded and capable of both physical dominance and tactical brilliance. Ireland’s opening match against France will be a critical indicator of their readiness to defend their title.

Italy, with Michele Lamaro at the helm, continues to strive for their first Six Nations trophy. Their squad is a mix of experienced campaigners and emerging talents, symbolizing the nation's growing stature in the rugby world. Their opening fixture against England will be a test of their development and resilience.

Scotland, captained by Jamie Ritchie, is a team that combines grit with flair. With players like Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg, they possess the ability to surprise any opponent. Their first match against Wales in Cardiff will be a crucial start to their campaign.

Wales, led by Dafydd Jenkins, has a squad that blends experience with youthful exuberance. Their team, featuring players like George North and Alun Wyn Jones, is known for their physicality and relentless spirit. Their opening match against Scotland will set the tone for their tournament.

2024 Six Nations Stadiums and Locations

The Six Nations Championship not only brings together Europe's top rugby teams but also showcases some of the most iconic stadiums in the sport. Each venue possesses its own unique character and history, adding an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

Aviva Stadium, Ireland's fortress in Dublin, boasts a capacity of 51,700. Completed in 2010, it's a modern marvel used for rugby union, American football, and concerts. Ireland will play key matches here against Italy on February 11 and Wales on February 24, each game a showcase of the stadium's electric atmosphere.

Scottish Gas Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland's largest stadium with a capacity of 67,144, has been an iconic rugby ground since 1925. Its versatile use extends to football, American football, and hosting concerts. Key matches at Murrayfield include Scotland vs France on February 10 and the much-anticipated Scotland vs England game on February 24.

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, with a capacity of 74,500, is known for hosting momentous events. Finished in 1999, it's a versatile venue for rugby union, rugby league, football, and more. Wales will play Scotland on February 3, France on March 10, and Italy on March 16, each match adding to the stadium's storied history.

France, due to the 2024 Summer Olympics preparations, will play their home games in alternative venues. Parc OL in Lyon, a 59,186 capacity stadium completed in 2016, will host the crucial France vs England match on March 16. The Orange Velodrome in Marseille, with a 67,000 capacity and finished in 1937, will be the backdrop for the France vs Ireland match on February 2. Lastly, Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille, a 50,000-seater completed in 2012, will see France take on Italy on February 25.

Stadio Olimpico in Rome, a multi-purpose venue with a 62,698 capacity, finished in 1937, will host Italy’s home games. Italy will play against England on February 3 and Scotland on March 9 in this historic stadium.

Twickenham Stadium in London, an iconic rugby venue with an 82,000 capacity, has been a centrepiece of English rugby since 1909. Known for its immense scale and electrifying atmosphere, it will host key England home games, adding to its rich legacy in the sport.

Betting Odds and Analysis

The outright betting odds for each team offer a glimpse into their perceived chances of victory. France, with odds of 11/10, are the favourites, closely followed by Ireland at 3/2. England, with odds of 121/20, are seen as strong contenders. Scotland at 59/5, Wales at 97/4, and Italy, the underdogs at 289/1, complete the line-up.

Besides outright winner odds, there are several popular betting markets that add depth and excitement to the betting experience:

  1. Winning Margin: This bet involves predicting the margin by which a team will win. For example, if you bet on England to win by 1-12 points against Italy, and England wins 25-15, your bet is successful.
  2. Over/Under Points: In this market, a bookmaker sets a total number of points for a game, and you bet on whether the actual total will be over or under this amount. For instance, if the Over/Under for the France vs. Ireland game is set at 45.5, and you bet on Over, you win if the combined score is 46 or more.
  3. Asian Handicap: This type of bet levels the playing field between two unevenly matched teams by applying a points handicap to each team. For example, if Wales has a -10.5 handicap against Italy, Wales must win by 11 points or more for a bet on them to pay out.
  4. European Handicap: Similar to the Asian Handicap but with one key difference: the possibility of a draw. If Scotland is given a -3 handicap against Wales, and they win by exactly 3 points, the result is a draw in terms of the bet, and all bets on either team are lost.
  5. First Try Scorer: This is a bet on which player will score the first try of the match. It’s a popular bet for its potentially high odds.
  6. Total Tries: Here, you bet on the total number of tries scored in the match, either over or under a figure set by the bookmaker.
  7. Half-Time/Full-Time: In this market, you bet on the result at half-time and the result at full-time. For instance, you could bet on France leading at half-time but Ireland winning the match.

These varied betting markets offer numerous ways to engage with the Six Nations. Bettors are encouraged to consider not just the odds but also team form, player fitness, historical performance, and playing conditions when making their selections.

2024 Six Nations Betting Tips and Strategies

When betting on the Six Nations Championship, developing a strategy may significantly improve your chances of success. Here are some tips and strategies to consider:

  • Research and Analysis: Stay informed about team news, player injuries, and recent form. Historical performance in the Six Nations and other international tournaments can also be a good indicator of a team's prospects.
  • Understand Home Advantage: Rugby, like many sports, often sees teams performing better at home. Consider the venue of the match and how teams have historically performed there.
  • Player Form and Matchups: The form of key players can greatly influence a match's outcome. Look at individual matchups, especially in crucial positions like fly-half or scrum-half, to gauge which team might have the upper hand.
  • Weather Conditions: Rugby can be heavily influenced by weather. Wet, windy conditions often lead to lower scoring games and can affect certain playing styles more than others.
  • Betting Markets: Familiarize yourself with different betting markets. For instance, if a match is expected to be close, markets like 'Winning Margin' or 'First Try Scorer' might offer better value than outright winner bets.
  • Value Betting: Look for odds that you believe represent good value rather than just betting on the most likely outcome. Even if a team is heavily favoured, their odds may not offer good value.
  • Live Betting: Consider live betting options, as they allow you to place bets based on the flow of the game. This can be particularly useful if you notice one team gaining momentum during the match.
  • Avoid Bias: Try not to let personal bias towards a team or player influence your betting decisions. Betting should be based on objective criteria rather than emotion.

ZetBet Has All You Need

Now you are up to speed on the tournament, why not head over to ZetBet and start exploring all of our 2024 Six Nations betting markets. You’ll soon realise we have all you need and some of the best odds available online.

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