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2024 New Year's Celebration at ZetBet Casino

Welcome the New Year with a bang at ZetBet Casino, your destination for thrilling and festive slot gaming experiences. This holiday season, we're featuring three exceptional games guaranteed to enhance your celebration: Blackjack Party, Super Lucky Frog, and Lucky Nuggets Megaways. Each game brings a unique flavour to your New Year's Eve celebration. Blackjack Party offers a lively, interactive experience perfect for social players. Super Lucky Frog transports you to a magical, enchanted world filled with whimsical delights. Lucky Nuggets Megaways invites you on an exciting mining adventure with the potential for big wins. Get ready to usher in the New Year with fun, excitement, and the chance for fortune with these fantastic games at ZetBet Casino.


Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party, developed by Pariplay, stands out with its unique and engaging atmosphere. Unlike traditional blackjack games, it is hosted by two dealers who interact with each other, answer players' questions via chat, tell jokes, and maintain a light-hearted and fun ambiance throughout the game. This innovative approach transforms the classic game of blackjack into a lively and entertaining casino show, making it an ideal choice for players looking for something beyond the traditional gaming experience.


Game Structure and Rules

Played with eight 52-card decks, the objective of Blackjack Party is to outscore the dealer without exceeding 21. The game adheres to standard blackjack rules, including the dealer standing on both hard and soft 17s, the option to double down on any two initial cards, and the allowance for splitting only once per hand. It also features a Blackjack payout of 3 to 2, and insurance bets pay 2 to 1 when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace.


Innovative Bet Behind Feature

A standout feature of Blackjack Party is the 'Bet Behind' option. When tables are full, this feature allows waiting players to bet behind any seated player. Payouts for these bets are standard, offering an inclusive experience for all players, whether seated at the table or participating via the Bet Behind option.


Payouts and Return to Player (RTP)

Blackjack Party offers the potential for rewarding payouts, with a standard winning hand paying 1:1 and Blackjack paying 3:2. The game also includes side bets with higher payout potential, up to 100:1. The RTP varies depending on the bet type, with blackjack having an RTP of 99.29%, Perfect Pairs bet at 95.90%, and 21+3 bet at 96.30%. This diverse range of RTPs emphasises the importance of understanding the different betting options and their associated risks and rewards.


Mobile Compatibility

The game is optimally designed for mobile gameplay, compatible with iOS and Android devices. This allows players to enjoy Blackjack Party on various portable gadgets, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on the go. The mobile optimization of the game ensures that it is accessible to a wide range of players, providing flexibility and convenience for those who prefer to play from their smartphones or tablets.


Join the Party at ZetBet Casino

As the New Year approaches, bring the excitement of a live casino to your screen with Blackjack Party at ZetBet Casino. This unique blackjack variation offers a lively, interactive experience, perfect for ringing in the new year with style and fun. With its engaging dealers, inclusive betting options, and mobile compatibility, Blackjack Party is more than just a game - it's a celebration. So, grab a seat at ZetBet Casino’s virtual tables and be part of this festive, thrilling party as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with potential big wins!


Super Lucky Frog

'Super Lucky Frog' by NetEnt takes players into a magical forest filled with charming characters and vibrant colours. This 5-reel, 25-line video slot offers a whimsical theme that combines elements of fantasy with the excitement of slot gaming. The game features a variety of symbols, including an elf, unicorn, mouse, female elf, gryphon, squirrel, ladybug, mushroom, butterfly, and snail, each adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the game.


Features and Bonuses

The little elf acts as the wild symbol, substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations. The female elf serves as the scatter, triggering up to 22 free spins with an x3 multiplier, enhancing players' chances of winning big. The highlight of the game is the frog symbol, which activates the special jackpot game. Players spin a wheel with four winning options: Super, Lucky, Froggy Jackpot, and a money reward. The size of the player's total bet determines which jackpot they might receive, adding an element of strategy to the gameplay.


Betting Range and RTP

The betting range in 'Super Lucky Frog' is quite flexible, catering to both cautious players and high rollers, with bets starting from £0.25 and going up to £50 per spin. The game's Return to Player (RTP) rate is set at 93.00%, offering a fair chance of returns over time.


A Lucky Experience at ZetBet Casino

'Super Lucky Frog' promises a delightful gaming experience with its bright graphics, cute sound effects, and frequent free spin rounds. The x3 multiplier on free spin winnings adds an extra layer of excitement, making this game a captivating choice for slot enthusiasts looking to dive into a world of magic and potential big wins. 'Super Lucky Frog' is more than just a slot game; it's an enchanting journey into a world of whimsy and wonder. Experience the magic and charm of this delightful slot at ZetBet Casino, where fairy tales come to life and lucky spins can lead to enchanting wins.


Lucky Nuggets Megaways

Lucky Nuggets Megaways, developed by Blueprint, takes players on a thrilling mining adventure. This medium/high volatility slot boasts a dynamic 6x5 reel grid with up to 15,625 ways to win. The game's central theme revolves around a gold mining expedition, featuring a charming prospector who plays a pivotal role in the gameplay. This slot offers an exciting money symbol collection bonus round, where the prospector wild symbol collects nuggets and diamonds, each potentially worth up to 2,000 times your stake. These features make every spin a potentially lucrative venture.


Gameplay and RTP

The game operates on the popular Megaways engine, which means each spin can reveal a different number of symbols on the reels, thereby altering the number of winning ways. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is set at 95.5%, with adjustable RTP ranges, offering a fair chance of returns over time.


Visually Engaging

Lucky Nuggets Megaways stands out with its less retro and more realistic cartoonish visual presentation compared to its predecessor, Gold Strike Bonanza. This visual upgrade enhances the player's experience, especially in the bonus rounds where the animation and sound effects come to life. The game is all about the money symbol collection bonus round, where collecting the prospector collector/wild symbol prolongs the feature and makes each nugget collection more lucrative via the upgrading multiplier.


Rewarding Symbols and Free Spins

In this game, the mining cart filled with gold symbol is the highest paying, offering 200 times your stake for 6 of a kind. Other premium symbols also offer significant payouts, contributing to the game's appeal. The free spins feature is triggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols, granting up to 25 free spins. During these rounds, the prospector wild symbol not only substitutes for pay symbols but also collects all gold/diamond prize symbols on the grid, enhancing the potential for big wins.


Unique Game Modifiers

Lucky Nuggets Megaways features two unique game modifiers: Gold Rush and Big Blast Bonanza. Gold Rush holds all present money symbols in place for a respin, and you get a new respin as long as you land at least one new money symbol. Big Blast Bonanza, on the other hand, sees the prospector throwing dynamite onto the grid, transforming random symbols into money symbols. These modifiers add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay.


Potential for Massive Wins

One of the most enticing aspects of Lucky Nuggets Megaways is the potential for massive payouts. The game offers a staggering maximum win of up to 50,000 times your stake, capped at £250,000. This enormous potential can theoretically be achieved from a single spin in the base game, though it's more likely to occur in the money symbol collect bonus round.


Unearth Your Fortune at ZetBet Casino

Lucky Nuggets Megaways by Blueprint is a dynamic and visually engaging slot that combines the excitement of Megaways mechanics with the charm of a gold mining adventure. Its variety of features, including the collector wild, free spins, and unique game modifiers, along with the potential for substantial payouts, make it an attractive choice for slot enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of mining for gold and the chance to strike it rich with Lucky Nuggets Megaways at ZetBet Casino.


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