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Bet Before and During Sports Events

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We are pleased to have you here at the ZetBet sportsbook. Your love of your favourite sports will grow ever deeper as we offer you the full spectrum of markets to satisfy all your betting expectations. You will gain access to a massive number of betting markets enabling you to find the exact game, race, or tournament that you want to bet on. With a welcome package to help you get started and our ongoing sportsbook promotions to take advantage of, you can make your bets go further and increase your odds of winning. Our ever-updating promotions may include betting boosts, tournaments, or free bets, plus a whole lot more.

We take pride in making sure you have access to a multitude of markets. Alongside the choice of markets comes never ending betting possibilities. You can take the simple and traditional approach and bet on a team to win, lose, or draw a game, or place your bet on who will be tournament champion. Such bets are usually placed pre-event, yet we also have numerous opportunities to place a wager in live betting markets where the options are endless. This means that you can form your own strategies across the numerous sports, taking advantage of pre-event and live betting to help you place more winning bets.

At ZetBet you are sure to find all your favourite sports to place a bet on. Mainstream sports at ZetBet include domestic league and international football, tennis, American football, horse racing, basketball, boxing, MMA, cricket, volleyball, hockey, baseball and golf. You may even have a passion for a lessor known sport and place a wager on table tennis or lacrosse. Due to the massive growth in online gaming, you can have a flutter on E-Sports with games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and NBA 2K. ZetBet is constantly working to increase betting options and they are not always sport related. You can even have a bet on political elections or reality TV shows like X Factor or Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Whatever you may need to satisfy your betting requirements, you are likely to find it here at our sportsbook.

Betting on Tennis is Ace

ZetBet will serve those who love Tennis with an abundance of betting options. All the major events and tours are covered including the famous four Grand Slam tournaments. Smash some great wins by predicting the winner of a tournament or decide who will win head-to-head. Instead of taking a bet on the players you can make some predictions about the match. Lob a bet on the result in sets or, the score in games of each set. More intricate estimations can be made about match statistics like the total number of aces a player will blast.

Betting on Tennis at Zetbet

Swift Decisions with Live Betting

You will have to be on your toes when it comes to live betting. You will become a betting participant during the event you are following. As the game is unfolding you have the thrilling opportunity of placing ‘next to’ bets. Here you will select the type of bet and decide what is going to happen next. For example, who will be the next person to score a three pointer in basketball or will the ball go out for a throw-in or a corner in football. This type of betting is quickfire and can bring some big wins.

 Live Betting at Zetbet

Slam Dunk with Basketball Betting

ZetBet will have you bouncing thanks to all the possibilities for placing a bet on basketball. Everybody will associate basketball with the NBA in the USA, but we also provide a diverse selection of national basketball leagues and tournaments from across the world. You can jump around a whole host of betting opportunities in the hope to shoot some wins. Simply bet on which team will win or choose a point spread for the whole match or for each quarter. Bet on your favourite players by placing a wager on the number of points, rebounds and assists they will score.

Basketball Betting at Zetbet

Chip in with Golf Betting

Like Tennis and the Grand Slam, Golf has the Masters, PGA Championship, the American the British Open and hundreds of professional tournaments. As with most sports, the most popular wager is based on who will win the tournament. Otherwise, reduce your risk and place an each-way bet and earn a reward if a player finishes in the top five. You can also bet on who will be leading each round at the end of each day’s play. Golf is a played at a walking pace, so you have more time to place live bets.

Golf Betting at zetbet

Winning a Betting Slip with Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey continues to grow in popularity and is a massive sport throughout North America, Russia, Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe. Everybody will acknowledge the NHL but at ZetBet we also cover other leagues and international tournaments so you will not miss a game. When placing bets, you can predict who will win or use puck line bets to wager on the difference between the final scores. Total bets guess the total number of goals scored by each team. There are many more possibilities involving goal scorers, number of fouls and penalties and bets on the outcome of individual periods during the game.

Ice Hockey at zetbet

On the Nose with Horse Racing Betting

When thinking of sports associated with betting then Horse Racing is at the forefront of everybody’s mind. Each race provides the punter with an opportunity to win big if backing a horse that wins with high odds. There are races taking place all over the world in multiple locations every day leaving plenty of opportunity to do some research and set your strategy. Odds are constantly updated to reflect the market and you can make all the standard bets on the horses including, win, place, each-way, Quinella, Exacta and many more.

Horse Racing Betting at zetbet

Back of the Net with Football Betting

The most bet on sport throughout the world, ZetBet has gone all out to assist you with everything from major international tournaments, domestic leagues and non-league football. Before the season begins you can place a bet on your favourite team’s final league position, which team will win the World Cup and who will be the top scorer. Before a game kicks off, predict the result, win, lose or draw, the final score, the first or last scorer, there are a serious number of options available. Quirky bets can be made, guessing the number of corners or throw-ins or how many red or yellow cards will be given by the referee throughout the game.    

Back of the Net with Football Betting

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